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What is it used for OxyContin modified release tablet is indicated for the management of severe pain when: other treatment options have failed, are contraindicated, are not tolerated, or are otherwise inappropriate to provide adequate management of pain; the pain is opioid-responsive; and the pain requires daily, continuous, long-term treatment. Except in extraordinary situations, the OxyContin modified release pill is not recommended for use in chronic non-cancer pain. It is not recommended to use OxyContin modified release tablets as a PRN analgesic.


Methods of intake OXY 80MG
This medication should be used orally. This medication is ingested.
Maintain refrigeration below 25 °C.
There is a 36-month shelf life.
When it comes to medications, you should seek medical counsel and use them only as prescribed by a healthcare provider.
Read the label every time. Consult a doctor if your symptoms don’t go away.


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