We bet your equine athlete wins the next race with our injectable horse vitamins

Modern pharmacology offers unique vitamins and minerals (VAMs) to improve equine efficiency, strength, endurance, and recovery. If taken just before the competition, injectable horse vitamins give animals a charge of vivacity and energy, making them unbeatable rivals. These drugs are safe for horse’s health and have nothing to do with classic doping.

If you want your equine racer to perform faster, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Horse Medcare, you will find everything to improve your horse’s performance without posing harm to its health.

What effects to expect from injectable supplements for horses?

We have an extensive range of metabolism boosters and VAMs for horses. These drugs can be taken regularly or right before a significant competition. The horse pre-race injectable vitamins increase stamina and speed up post-exertion recovery.

Take a look below to find out the key advantages of getting injectable vitamins for your champ:

  • Boost blood flow. Vitamins raise dopamine activity while increasing cerebral-vascular and cardio-vascular blood flow, preventing plasma testosterone levels from decreasing. As a result, your horse’s performance on the track is tripled.
  • Treat hypovitaminosis diseases. Lack of vitamins may lead to lousy eyesight, bone formation troubles, lesions in the CNS, and other health disorders. Horse injectable vitamins are used both to prevent these conditions and remove their consequences.
  • Accelerate the recovery process. Your equine will need less time to recover after long and tiring training. With our injectable vitamins, it will gradually become resistant to heavy loads.
  • Reduce stress in horses. A stressed animal is a bad track racer. Supplements based on magnesium, amino acids, and B vitamins are best to treat anxiety in horses.

The advantages of our vitamin injections for horses are endless. However, before ordering a complex for your champion, be sure to consult your veterinarian.

If you’re going to administer the intramuscular injections yourself, the following precautions will help you to avoid any mishaps:

  • sterilize the equipment properly
  • use sharp needles of the stated length
  • give injections into a neck side muscle tissue

Follow these recommendations to keep your equine in good shape. Should you have any troubles with administering an injection, call our specialists to receive detailed instructions.

Count on us to buy injectable supplements for horses of exceptional quality

Horse Medcare puts your animals’ health first. We not only supply high-quality injectable vitamins for horses but also produce them in our up-to-date facilities. The company experts keep a watchful eye on supplement production, ensuring their highest purity and effectiveness.

Our assortment is replete with injectable horse performance-enhancing vitamins. If you’re looking to improve your equine’s endurance and prepare it for the upcoming race, browse through our extensive catalog to get the medication suitable for your needs. We guarantee discreet packaging and fast delivery to any place around the world.

Choose us to ensure the best treatment for your champion horse. With our grade-A injectable supplements, it will get the upper hand in all upcoming races.


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