Stop the cycle of your horse’s pain with anti-inflammatory medications

Inflammation is one of the key disablers in equine orthopedic diseases. When it goes unchecked, it can become devastating for the horse. Its negative impact on your equine’s performance and lifespan can also be a pain for you. There’s a point up to which the immune system can prevent tissue damage. However, when the inflammatory response goes beyond the equine body’s ability, you may have to help control it with anti-inflammatory medications. They help with instant pain relief and improve the quality of life for horses suffering from inflammatory diseases and other conditions.

100% safe and effective equine anti-inflammatory medications for sale

Most horse owners know from first-hand that horses are prone to muscular trauma that triggers a cycle of pain. Fortunately, you can find many anti-inflammatory medications online that target the inflammatory process.

NSAIDs like Clenbuterol, Bute, and Equioxx are great for blocking prostaglandin production. On the other hand, corticosteroids reduce the native immune response of the equine body. You can also apply a topical lotion to the swollen area that can help minimize pain.

A combination of these products may also be used for the best results, depending on how severe your horse’s condition is. Remember that inflammation is a double-edged sword that must always be taken seriously. Do not mix medicines without proper consultation.

Before buying anti-inflammatory medications online, make sure to have your horse examined by a veterinarian. It is important to seek expert opinion about dosage and administration. Your vet may also advise you to observe for potential signs of toxicity.

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Horse Medcare offers a premium line of prescription and OTC veterinary pain relief drugs for use in equines. We source products from trusted brands and bring them to you at competitive prices. Whether you have a senior horse, performance horse, breeding stallion, or foal, we have you covered with anti-inflammatory solutions for a number of conditions.

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