Order Vecoxan online for coccidial infections

Coccidiosis is an extremely dangerous disease that may affect equines, lambs, and calves and is caused by Eimeria leuckarti. These are unicellular protozoa that parasitize in the epithelial cells of the intestinal mucosa. Coccidiosis develops within 14-21 days, causing bloody diarrhea and fever. If untreated, it is inevitably fatal, especially in foals. Luckily, there’s a proven medication to treat coccidiosis, and you can get it as you buy Vecoxan online at Horse Medcare.

We have years of expertise in hand-picking, lab-testing, and selling grade-A medications with worldwide delivery. Vecoxan is an oral suspension and can be easily given to an animal without your vet’s help.

Don’t wait until coccidiosis protozoa get deeper into the animal’s body. Order Vecoxan online to have an effective medication at hand. It’s time to add this oral suspension to your first-aid veterinary medkit and keep your equines, lambs, or calves healthy!

Scoop up cheap Vecoxan online in advance

In fact, coccidiosis cases occur less frequently in horses than in other domestic animals like poultry or rabbits. But if your equine lives with other animals, they are also at risk of getting infected with Eimeria leuckarti. To prevent parasite invasion, you’d better buy Vecoxan online at Horse Medcare to start preventive treatment.

The tiny unicellular protozoa are associated with an almost 100% mortality rate. So, once you notice any of these symptoms in your animals, call your vet immediately:

  • Red diarrhea
  • Uncontrolled bowel movements
  • Rough coat
  • Appetite loss
  • General exhaustion

Pregnant animals are at the highest risk. We sell Vecoxan online that you can easily grab to prevent the condition from getting worse.

Why Horse Medcare?

Horse Medcare puts your equine’s and other animals’ health first. We have lots of medical-grade vitamins, supplements, and veterinary drugs, keeping a watchful eye on how they make it to your destination. We guarantee your full anonymity and data safety when shipping Vecoxan in discreet packaging right to your door.

Avail yourself of top-notch yet cheap Vecoxan online to be ready for unexpected Eimeria leuckarti parasite invasion in your horses or other animals.



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