Make medicating your equine easier with horse oral medications for sale

When it comes to medicating horses, even a pony can be challenging to handle. They may be high-performance animals, but not the best patients you would want in your stable. Resistance can be your enemy when dealing with difficult horses, particularly with intravenous administration. This is where oral horse meds can help you achieve better results without any drama.

It’s way easier to apply paste than inject syringes. As long as the purpose is served, you don’t have to deal with all the challenges to maintain your horse’s performance.

Tips and tricks to give your horse oral meds

Taking care of horse health is critical to achieving the results from your equine that is always expected to perform. Below are some tips to make the process smoother with oral horse medications:

  • Add flavors. Just like humans, equines also have a sense of taste. At Horse Medcare, we have flavored medicines, but sometimes, artificial flavors are not enough. You can top them up with molasses, apple sauce, or carrot slices.
  • Grind pills. Your vet may prescribe medicines that may be difficult to disguise due to their quantity and size. You can crush these pills to create a powdery texture that can be easily flavored and put in the feed.
  • Make pockets. Pill pockets do a great job when it comes to administering one or two pills. Try creating a cavity inside an apple or carrot and place the pill inside. A piece of banana wrapped around the capsule can also help.
  • Administer it properly. How you disguise the med is key to achieving an effective medication practice. If you are grinding the pills, make sure they stick well to the feed. If you use a dosing syringe, give it a good shake right before administration.

Patience and persistence are what you need to master here. When you buy oral horse medications, never hesitate to consult a vet. Equine safety is your responsibility!

Lab-tested oral horse medications are now available online

There was a time when veterinary medicine was only available with select suppliers in certain regions. Thanks to Horse Medcare, you can now buy oral horse medications online at the most affordable prices.

We can deliver any meds to your doorstep. Should you face any issues with equine pills, we will be happy to replace or refund them. Get in touch with us and let us know your medication requirements. 


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